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Control Builder F is used for off- and on-line configuration of AC 800F and Freelance 2000 controllers.

Control Builder F supports the IEC 61131-3 languages (FBD, IL, LD, SFC, and ST). Through these standardized programming languages and graphical user interface, creation of application programs becomes child's play.

A comprehensive function block library with industry proven and tested functions saves extensive programming and testing effort. When adding a function block for the process station, the associated faceplate is created in the operator level. Your application programs are formally checked for completeness and consistency.

Control Builder F has built-in support for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS-DP and device configuration via FDT/DTM.

User manual
Freelance 2000 Operator Station Configuration, Eng. Manual V6.2 English 2.94 MB
IEC 61131-3 Programming, Engineering Manual V6.2 English 2.96 MB
New Features in Version 6.2 English 1.27 MB
Operate IT Integration, Engineering Manual V6.2 English 1.30 MB
Process-Station - FieldController, Engineering Manual V6.2 English 1.37 MB
Process-Station - Rack System, Engineering Manual V6.2 English 1.60 MB
Process-Station AC 800F, Engineering Manual V6.2 English 1.52 MB
System Configuration, Engineering Manual V6.2 English 3.98 MB
User Access, Engineering Manual V6.2 English 1.24 MB

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