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Human Machine



Numerous features and functions facilitate and improve operation, monitoring, and optimization of the process or enterprise. Different solutions are suitable, depending on the requirements:
  • DigiVis meets all standard requirements relating to process visualization under Windows XP at an attractive price. Amongst other things, DigiVis offers the following visualization options: dualmonitor operation, graphic displays, faceplates for operator intervention, also in group displays, trend displays, automatically generated system display for hardware diagnostics, area specific message list, sequential function charts, shift logs, event logs, and data archiving. DigiVis configuration is fully integrated into Control Builder F. An optional batch function based on 800xA Batch Management can be integrated.
  • 800xA Operations � the connection to 800xA Operations provides the user with enhanced operator functionality such as four-monitor operation and client-server architecture with up to 40 workstations. 800xA Operations allows for connection of several Freelance-islands under one operator interface. Additional 800xA functions such as 800xA Batch Management and 800xA Information Management may be integrated.


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