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Freelance Process Station

ABB's Freelance 800F system racks are designed for mounting on wall surfaces, within conventional panels or custom cabinets. The system complies with all current EMC and interference suppression requirements. The system design is such that pre-conditions for CE approval are satisfied. System configuration is based on the DIN/IEC 6 1131-3 industrial standard. Freelance is designed for expansion: each local system may comprise as many process and operator stations as you like and one engineering station.

Main features of Freelance process station:

  • Rugged design
  • max. 44 slots for I/O modules
  • Front panel connections
  • I/O communication via process station bus DigiNet P
  • I/O modules for analog and digital processing
  • Modules are housed in metal cases
  • Plug-on modules, which can be exchanged without problem
  • No adjustment elements (address switches or potentiometers) on the module
  • Temperature monitoring on CPU and I/O modules
  • No forced ventilation for operation
  • Easy mounting (19" mounting rail, wall or cabinet mounting)
  • EM immunity acc. to IEC 801, severity level 3 and NAMUR industrial standard
  • Modules conforming to CSA and UL on request




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